A Dog’s Gift

A true story of how a dog named Isa came to assist his human mother, through a gifted animal communicator, to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Having had no faith, it’s a profound spiritual transformation that could only have happened because of her love for her dog. The lessons they navigate together are shared in this book along with spiritual messages provided by Isa for all to read.

Wanda Collier and her companion Pomeranian Isa, a tiny ball of power and wisdom, have written a clear and engaging tale of how through their suffering and recovery, they mutually discovered spiritual insights and revelations. With the help of a gifted animal communicator, it was discovered how Isa channeled a depth of information that was both healing and spiritually uplifting. You will find guidance here that will be applicable to your own life.

— Dr. Steven Farmer, Hay House author of Animal Spirit Guides, and Earth Magic