Wanda Collier is the author of the book, A Dog’s Gift. University provided the platform for Wanda to develop her love of writing and learning and it has continued with her now into her 50s. She never considered writing a book until life took her down a path she had never intended. It all started the day she got her dog, a Pomeranian named Isa. Little did she know that he would lead her down a path of self discovery and love that would change her life forever.

Within his first year, Isa got sick. He kept vomiting his food and began losing a lot of weight. After spending enormous amounts of money on tests, no physical cause for Isa’s condition could be determined. Each specialist commented that Isa’s condition was very odd for such a young dog. Fearing for his life, a friend told Wanda about an animal communicator – Sheila Trecartin – and she grudgingly went to see her for assistance. It was a pivotal point in Wanda’s life when Isa confessed that he’d become ill to help her heal physically, spiritually and emotionally. It was his life purpose, the reason he incarnated. Wanda went to resistance, denying that she needed to heal spiritually. It was all rather frightening to Wanda as she didn’t believe in God or anything metaphysical. However, she was given an ultimatum; heal or Isa would die. She chose to heal only because of her love for Isa.

As she began her work with Isa, Wanda discovered that Sheila was also a spirit medium. Part of her focus as a practitioner was providing guidance through a person’s spirit guides. As well as connecting with Isa, Sheila would also connect with Wanda’s guides, providing material to assist her in her personal growth. From the first day that Sheila channeled Wanda’s guides, they mentioned that she would write a book. Wanda recorded each of her sessions and transcribed them, which would later become the material used for the book.

As Wanda began to heal, so too did Isa. Isa was never 100% because he constantly helped other people to heal, as an empath, processing their negative emotions for them. Isa wanted to connect with more people so Wanda created a blog and Facebook page or him. Eventually, group events were scheduled and Sheila channeled Isa as he took the group through exercises, personal readings and spiritual guidance.

This is no ordinary dog. Isa came here to teach about the importance of animals and how much they offer humans. His drive to complete his life purpose was greater than most humans.

Although this book is written by Wanda, the wisdom comes from Isa and Sheila, channeled from the Universe. It may seem too far fetched for many – yes, Wanda gets that! – however, try to keep an open mind because the journey of spiritual growth is the biggest gift one can give to the self.