It’s with great joy in my heart that I express my love and wishes for a peaceful and loving Christmas for all.

Christmas is a time of year where we stop to reflect on our gratitude and our love for others and we begin to think outside ourselves and often we even think globally. We focus on being kinder, being more respectful, being more loving, being more accepting of all and all that is. We embrace our friends and our family and even strangers at this time of year in order to show our love and gratitude and peace. The global awareness of this holiday, this celebration, creates a sense of love and peace and unity throughout the world. And for a short time, the world rests in a space of light.

But then the days pass from where we hold our focus on this peace, love and unity, and we revert back to living the life of survival, living the life of demand for the self, living the life of going through the motions and functioning again at a base level. What would in fact be more beneficial to ourselves and the world would be for us to continue that sense of gratitude, peace, love, and harmony and all those feelings of unity and make it part of our life,  every day throughout the entire year.

Have you ever noticed how good you feel during the holiday time when you’re surrounded with friends and family and there’s soft lights and soft music and there’s a lot of positive, a lot of love, a lot of support for each other, strangers and non-strangers alike. Would it not be more impactful if we continued to feel that way throughout the entire year rather than within that section of time?

I don’t mean to suggest that everybody is sitting in joy and love and peace during the holiday season, but it is projected as a majority of the population stops and rests in that space. Those who are struggling, those who feel alone, those who feel sad, those who feel unaccepted, abandoned, and those ones who feel without joy and love still benefit from the amplification created by the unity of the majority of the population living in that space of love and peace. If we continued that sense throughout the year, then those who are suffering would eventually feel better because the longer you stand in a space where there is unity, peace, and love, then the more your energy shifts to vibrate at that frequency. And the holiday time is simply not long enough to influence all those who require it.

What I’ll ask of you this season is for you to be conscious not to give material items  to express your joy and your love, but to stop for a moment and give the gift of the energy of yourself. Give yourself love and peace and radiate that love and peace and it will be gifted to all who come in contact with you, to all that become affected by your presence. This is the best gift you could give at this time. We don’t need to rescue the poor, we don’t need to rescue the suffering, we simply need to be and stand in the presence of ourselves and that love and peace and radiate that love and peace externally to all. When we join hands and we unite within this concept, we increase the overall vibrational frequency of the earth. As we increase the vibrational frequency of ourselves by placing ourselves in love and joy and peace, we increase the energy of the Earth. And as we increase the energy of the Earth, those who are sitting at a lower vibration, in basic need and struggle, will benefit from our presence, from our state of mind, from our state of Being. This is the best gift we could give at this time during the season.

I am standing in peace, joy, love. I am standing and ask for you to stand united with me in projecting this energy by standing in this space yourself. I wish to give this gift to you, not only at this holiday season, but throughout the entire year and I pledge to continue to provide this through my being. I challenge you to provide the same. Let us walk into 2015 with open hearts filled with joy and peace and love and continue to stand in this space throughout the entire year.

Love simply is when we allow ourselves to be in that state of love. With the light of my heart I thank you.