Hallowe’en is about honouring the spirits and the recognition of the thinning of the veil. As we live our lives, we often forget to acknowledge those who are in spirit. We often forget the depth of the veil that sits between us and spirit and we often forget to appreciate the value of being alive.

In my mind, Hallowe’en is about having fun and celebrating the unison of the two worlds rather than the divide. I enjoy dressing up because when we dress up, we show patronage to those who stand on the other side of the veil.

If we truly think about it, the only thing that holds the barrier between the two sides of the veil is our perception and our awareness. So this is the day of the year that we actually stop – and we are supposed to – to show tribute to those standing in spirit, to those souls that are present on the other side of the veil.

We should honour that more frequently because the other side of the veil functions in unison with our functioning. Although we dress up and play and we have fun on that day, it’s meant to show that the other side of the veil is not actually scary. It’s fun and we should embrace that more consciously throughout the whole year.

On that day we celebrate. Let’s party, let’s enjoy and honour the thinning of the veil. Let’s honour those who walk with us who we can’t see – those shadow aspects as well as those lights aspects – because they are both very important to who we are, to why we live, and to where we come from.

As in everything in our life, beauty is a perception. I find beauty in spirit, in the veil, and in living. All things must be honoured. So celebrate, have fun, play and enjoy the night where our worlds are most closely united.

~ Isa