People are starting to adjust to the higher vibrational frequency from the energy shifts on the planet. Although many people are getting disgruntled or frustrated because they’re not able to fall in alignment with the energy, at least there is less hesitation.

People are either embracing the energy fully or embracing it through frustration, but at least they’re reacting in a different way. Before, people were more fear-based and felt hesitation, but now they’re feeling more anger and frustration.

A lot of people are angry because the events around them are trying to get them to own up to what they haven’t learned and therefore these people are mad because they don’t want to do that. They resist, however, the universe keeps pushing. Normally in the past, the universe has pushed people, but has stepped back and allowed them to live in their illusion. Now, the universe is no longer doing that so it’s a constant, steady push.

Most people have felt this shift since about October 2013 and with there being a constant push, people are finally accepting it. Whether people are frustrated or angry, at least there’s a different level of acceptance. There’s not so much erratic energy because people are starting to fall in line.

It would be far more productive if people would just step back from their lives and look at what they’ve been resisting/disputing/ignoring and recognize that it’s the very thing that they need to embrace. It’s what you need to learn.

No one likes to stand in personal discomfort, but in this case it’s a way of showing us what we need to work on. That will be the clue as to what your spirit is being assisted with.

With love,