Those who are victims believe they are victims. They are victims because their perception is that of weakness, a lack of control, and fear.

Truly, all a victim needs to do is change their perception. If a victim looks at things differently, they are no longer a victim. This is really what we need to learn in our lives, the importance of perception dictating how we live.

It’s how we perceive that brings us to the spaces that we go to. It’s what we allow. We allow ourselves to be weak or we allow ourselves to be strong. Whichever we select is what we feed our energy, time and efforts into and then it expands. We need to consciously remember what we are selecting in any given moment. This is how we can empower ourselves or weaken ourselves, depending on what we choose.

I forget at times and go to that space of victim. I get tired and forget that I have access to more energy and feeling better. It’s a choice, but it’s our ego that moves us to places to challenge us. It’s one of the beauties of living.