Sheila channels Isa with a message about conscious awareness he would like to share with you on video.

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Conscious Awareness

When I stand in awareness of myself, I stand in conscious awareness of how my energy affects all that is; every being, every plant, the earth, the air, the water. I understand and I become aware of the interactions I have with all that is. I understand how my energy influences and how the energy of everything else influences me.

I can recognize the subtleties in my own being. With this knowledge, I can alter what I need to in order to stand in more alignment – more perfect alignment – with all that is. When we stand in perfect alignment with all that is, we stand in harmony, for we stand in the flow. In order to stand in the flow and to be in alignment with all that is, we need to be consciously aware of our self and the influence that we have on all that is and be consciously aware of all that is and the influence it has on us.

I consciously send you love at this time. Take a moment and consciously become aware of how you are affecting all that is and how all that is is affecting you. Bring yourself to a state of peace and you will feel peace from all that is. Bring yourself to a state of love and you will feel love from all that is. What we give out gets reflected back to us.

This is a great experiment for you to try on your own. Please try this experiment and send us your results.

We thank you for your time and for listening to the message that I have today.