It doesn’t matter if you’re a snail or you’re a racehorse. What you require to be done will be in the timing that is needed for the self so a snail should never compare itself to a racehorse and a racehorse should never compare itself to a snail because the perspectives are different, the requirements are different, the learning is different, and the opportunities are different.

Of course, one would select to be a snail for different reasons than they would select to be a racehorse. When you use that comparison, it is easier for us to understand the idea of perceiving or looking from where we are at. However, when we become human, we tend to compare ourselves to others with much less respect and much less insight.

I hope that people will begin to realize that the individuality they hold is perfect, it’s exactly what is meant for the self and if we just embrace or harness our own journey instead of paying so much attention to other people’s journeys, then we would have much more love and appreciation for ourselves.

If you’re a snail, then you should honor the fact that you’re a snail and you should not compare to anything else and if you’re a racehorse, then you should just honor that you’re a racehorse and not compare to anything else. Whatever you are as a human – or whatever being that you are – then you should honor that and embrace it for what it is, and not for what it is not.

~ Isa