We need not to take life so seriously. We need to learn to let go and allow things to be the way that they need to be. We need to release our worries and fears because they do nothing but inhibit our growth.

When we can recognize that our emotions tend to cloud us from seeing the reality of the situation and embrace the beauty of the moment, then we will be far better off because we will expand and grow quicker. When we hold fear, it creates resistance and therefore creates stagnation instead of growth.

It’s really important for everyone to recognize that change is occurring right now at a rapid rate, more so than ever before. It’s hard for us to adjust because our human needs time to process, but there is no time for process so we really need to let go more than we ever have and trust that everything that is occurring is for our best and highest good. Even though our human might not be able to see it in the moment, if we just allow time to pass, we’ll understand it. We need to let go more and just be present in the moment more.

Many of us have a lot of heart turmoil right now because we’re holding onto the situations and occurrences and looking at them in a negative perspective. In actual fact, we should just be allowing; everything is happening for a concrete reason. Even though we can’t see it right now, we will get it later. We need to honor the moments more, be present more, and we need to let go quicker because time is speeding up. Rather, the illusion that time is speeding up is occurring. We won’t have time to hold onto things because it’s going to be one thing after another. It’s the Universe’s way of getting us to accept and move in unison with the direction of what universally needs to occur.

When we can stand and accept the situation for what it is and trust that we are being taken care of and that it’s what we need – and what others need – then we can let go of it faster and more good things will come. We will get to a better space quicker. It’s because we’re hanging onto these things and we’re standing in grief, frustration and disappointment, that we stop ourselves from moving forward. Every time you stand in a negative emotion, you halt your progression, you halt everything. The energy stops moving and you start to cycle down instead.

It’s about acknowledging and accepting and trusting and allowing it to flow, allowing it to move. Let go of the negative emotion and believe that everything is occurring with love for the self and for whatever your soul needs. Let go of the need to control because it is really futile. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going to occur and is going to continue to occur no matter how much you dig your heels in. You might as well instead lift your heels up and flow with the river of life.

For those who let go and learn their lessons, there will be blossoms of life coming in the new year. At the end of December, those who have let go and learned will feel purged, and will feel fresh and new and excited about going into the new year but those who have hung on and resisted will feel destitute.

It’s my hope that people will listen to me so that they can be in the space of peace come the new year.

Light and love,