How we feel is dictated by ourselves. External factors influence us, but we have a choice to allow them to influence us or not. We’re always in control even though we don’t realize it. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have control because we lose our sense of believing that we’re strong and we need to recognize that the strength of our being exists within us. It’s not what happens around us or to us, but what we believe for ourselves within us. You are stronger than you realize.

Different occurrences happen in one’s life in order to assist us in understanding how strong we are. We call them “challenges” but in actual fact, they are opportunities for understanding ourselves and understanding our strength. Our mindset dictates our level of belief in ourselves, our level of strength. When we allow something outside of us to make us question ourselves, it weakens us. It’s not the outside factor that weakens us, it’s the self that weakens us because we allow it. We allow the belief to come in.

Superman believes he’s strong. The whole concept of Superman is that “I believe I’m strong so therefore I am”. We can all be “super” people if we just hold the belief for ourselves.

It’s important to recognize what your kryptonite is and make sure that you work to overcome the influence of it. Once you face your kryptonite, or your weakness, and you put yourself in a scenario where you’re challenged and you overcome it, then you increase the strength of your own being.

No matter what size of being you are, your energy emulates from a sense of the strength of your beliefs. You can be small yet your energy can be really big and you can be really big and yet your energy can be really small. It’s important for each of us to gauge our own energy and understand where we want our energy to be. Sometimes we choose it to be in an imbalanced space because that seemingly makes us feel good. Sometimes we choose to feel weak because that holds purpose for us in the moment. But we always have the choice and choice is always ours.

With love and light,