We all have the need for love but we don’t express it enough. We hold it back as a means of protecting ourselves or controlling or manipulating. We should learn from the animals, the dogs.

Love should be provided without expectation but we tie love to ourselves and the demands of what we need when we should just give it without expectation.

Animals love to get love back but they don’t expect love. It’s a one way street for them. They don’t need to have love returned to them in order to give it. They’ll give it unconditionally without thought or expectation so we should learn from them.

I’ve learned that by being a dog. It’s fun. It feels good. We should do an experiment where all we do is give love and watch the reactions of people. I would like to put out a challenge to people to experiment by giving love without expectation and see how others react to you.

It’s a shift of perception. We all value ourselves more when we stand in love, whether we’re giving love or receiving it, but giving love provides more value.